Soundproofing by Acoustical Panel Systems

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acoustical panels exampleIn an increasingly noisy world, controlling unwanted sound is a priority. In every interior environment, the challenge is to filter out distracting noise while ensuring everyone can hear conversations, lectures, or music at appropriate volumes. Properly designed and installed acoustical panels provide just such a filter. Acoustical Panel Systems offers our customers the experience and expertise needed to integrate design criteria with functional requirements. In spaces of any size or shape, our acoustical panels control flutter echo and reduce unwanted reverberation and reflection patterns. Acoustical panels are a primary factor in finishing a space, whether it is a core wall, conference room, multi-media auditorium, video conferencing room, or private office.

Soundproofing Panel Materials

APS works with our customers to ensure that our acoustical panels not only control noise but also meet aesthetic design requirements. We offer an extensive assortment of fabrics and perforated vinyls to our customers, or we can accommodate orders utilizing a customer’s own material. Our panel selection also includes architecturally detailed edges, such as squire, radius, mitered, and beveled.

Standard or Custom Acoustical Panels

Our standard acoustical panels come in a variety of sizes and materials to meet our customers’ needs. These wall panels may be ordered in various densities to offer protection from the impact of fully loaded carts or to provide tack board space in office cubicles. APS also offers custom-tailored acoustical panel systems that can include ceiling panels, noise-reducing ceiling baffles, or high-abuse systems for noisy, busy spaces such as building lobbies or atriums.

Soundproofing Applications

APS provides design and installation services for the entire East Coast area. Our acoustical panels make an excellent addition to any interior environment designated to hold groups of people or loud machinery. Schools benefit from panels installed in music and band rooms, cafeterias, and auditoriums. Business, government, and military applications include computer rooms, classrooms, and conference rooms, especially those set up for video conferencing. Court rooms, theaters, churches, and banquet facilities are all venues with a need for sound control. Our acoustical panels are even appropriate for manufacturing facilities and home theaters.

Safety Is Important to Us

APS acoustical panels meet or exceed the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating for any installation. Our products also meet ASTM E-84 Class A flame-rated product standards.