Acoustical Panel Installation - Z Clip

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Z-Clip mounting is recommended when the need for frequent panel removal is desired.

This installation method requires careful planning and layout at the time of installation.


Wall surface is to be clean and free of any surface obstructions. Measure the Z-Clip locations on the panels. A 1 inch clearance between the panel top and any horizontal intersecting surfaces to provide for the sliding engagement of this type of installation must be provided. Transfer mounting dimensions to the wall mounting surface. Mark the locations for wall bar installation. Install the wall bars using appropriate mechanical fastners. Wall bars may be field cut to desired lengths.


Install leveling angles {supplied w/panels} using appropiate mechanical fastners.


The leveling angles are the primary panel support.

If panel installation is from "floor-up" leveling angles are not required.


Prepare panel for installation. Mark back of panel for field cutting (if required). Carefully cut fiberglass from back of panel.. Then cut cornering surface leaving enough covering to allow forwrapping of the field cut area. Carefully apply adhesive to the cut-out fiberglass edges and panel back than fold the excess covering around the cut-out area edges and wrap to the back of the panel.


Lift panel to a position that will allow panel Z-Clip to slide into the wall mounted wall bar. There is some lateral movement available if necessary. Carefully slide the panel into position allowing the bottom to rest on the leveling angle. Shim as necessary to provide flush alignment of panel joints. (This is to account for wall irregularities.)


Do not subject the factory installed Z-Clip to any peel type stress as this will break the fastener-to-panel joint. The Z-Clip is intended to hold the panel to the wall only.

Completely remove the panel to install any shimming devices. Lifting one corner of the panel will cause damage to the fastener-to- panel joints.

The use of the Z-Clip fastening system will create a gap of approximately 3/16 inches between the panel back and the mounting surface face. This is important for field measurements and edge treatment in a reveal type installation.

Typical Clip Installations

  • Clip positions are standarized
  • Clips/panels varies with panel size
  • 8' - 12' lengths of wallbar, available for panels installed in series
  • Clip locations can be customized to fit customer's individual requirements
  • Levelling angles recommended
zclip illustration one

Clips Embedded In Fiberglass Core

zclip illustration two

Clips Screwed Into Back Of Aluminum Frame

Panel Height "A" "B" Field Clips On Wall
60 & Over 10" 12" 11 - ¼ 10 - ¾
48" to 59" 6" 8" 7 - ¼ 6 - ¾
24" to 47" 4" 6" 5 - ¼ 4 - ¾
0 to 23" 2" 4" 3 - ¼ 2 - ¾

zclip illustration one
zclip illustration two