Standard Acoustic Tiles & Panels

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aps_r_panelAPS-R acoustical panels feature outstanding noise reduction qualities. As a pre-finished, factory assembled panel , the APS-R provides ease of installation and design value. It is available in 1 inch, 2 inch and custom thickness. The reinforced resin edge panel is ideally suited for field modifications,including light boxes,elevator call buttons and other wall outlets. Your selection of APS fabrics or perforated vinyl, or C. O. M. will be accurately aligned to prevent sagging or hiking.


This acoustical panel is specifically designed for high-impact areas,such as below chair rails and corridors in which mobile carts are used, The APS high impact resistant panel is available in 1 1/8" and 2 1/8 " thicknesses.


The APS-TACK-P has an infill of organic mineral fiberboard with excellent hold -down to accept tacks. Panels are cut and shaped easily to conform to finished design. It is available in 3/8", ½", ¾" and 1" thicknessess. Finishes are APS fabric or vinyl (micro perforated) or C.O.M.


APS-NP are ½" narrow profile acoustical and tackable wall panels that mount flush around door bucks to provide a clean crisp architectural detail. They are impact resistant and highly versatile panels which are available in 10 pound or 16 pound density . As with all other APS panels the APS-NP can be manufactured with any of the edge details. The narrow profile panel is ideal for conference rooms, gallery space and display areas where tackable surfaces are required.


aps f panelThe APS-F is of rigid frame construction for superior durability on inside or outside corner details. Either metal or wood frame construction allows for availability of panels with greater widths and heights. The APS-F is ideal for custom shapes and sizes and is available in 1 inch and 2 inch thicknesses. This panel accommodates horizontal banding and corner detailing and is extremely well-suited for areas of heavy traffic where high impact is probable.

For information regarding baffles please consult your APS Representative.

Sample panels with your selection of fabric and edge details,are available upon requist