Tackable Fabric Covered Wall Panels

 •  Sound Solutions for your Acoustical Challenges

Tackable Fabric Covered Wall PanelsAcoustical Panel Systems is a manufacturer of acoustical, tackable fabric covered wall panels.

  • Product infill affects acoustical performance
  • Surface trackability

Reduces Noise Within a Space

Reduces noise transmission between spaces
  • Reduces noise transmission between spaces
  • Reduces reverberation and echo
  • Provides tackable surfaces

Design Versatility

Design Versatility
  • Wide range of finishes
  • Finishes coordinate with systems furniture
  • Edge details - beveled or radius

Building Safety

Building Safety
  • Class A flame spread rated
  • NRC noise reduction tested
  • Finishes available with intercept antimicrobial solution

Ease of Installation

Easy Installation
  • Install with impacting clips, hook & loop z-clips
  • Installation products are easy
  • Field modified