Technical Data Sheet

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Product Data For Stealth Acoustical Wall And Ceiling Panels


An innovative acoustical treatment that provides the highest sound absorption and design coordination with other finishes, such as paint and wallcovering Stealth ceiling panels can maintain high light reflectance values and wall panel colors can be either neutral or accented.

Core Construction

The APS Stealth and APS Stealth IR panels are constructed of a rigid fiberglass core (6-7#pcf). The APS Stealth IR, an impact resistant panel, has a 1/8" face (18# pcf) for use in high traffic areas such as gymnasiums, prisons and core space.


APS Stealth is available in 1 2" thicknesses. APS Stealth IR is available in 1 1/8" and 2 1/8" thicknesses. The maximum size is 60" wide by 120" high. Framed panels are available in custom sizes.


Edge details are square, bevel, radius, linear and tegular. Panels are resin hardened to provide dimensional stability.


A multi-speckled water based paint available in a variety of acoustically transparent colors. Also available in custom colors to match other finishes.


Z-clips, progressive mount, hook and loop, concealed spline and adhesive.

Acoustical/NRC Rating

APS Stealth: 1" - .80, 2" - 1.00

APS Stealth IR: 1-1/8" - .85, 2-1/8" - 1.05


ASTM-E84 tested and rated Class A.